Our Story:

Born from the Beach

amonda's story begins with a desire to blend beachside living and remote work freedom. The founder's journey led to the realization that remote work in beautiful beachside locations needed improvement. This sparked the idea for amonda, combining hostel-like camaraderie with remote work practicality.

In 2017, a moment in Canggu, Bali, inspired amonda's essence - merging awe-inspiring experiences with an accessible brand. In 2021, the concept of coliving crystallized, and amonda came to life over a year.

Today, amonda offers a seamless blend of work and leisure for beachside vagabonds, digital nomads, and remote workers. Join our story, experience beachside living's beauty, and embark on your journey of discovery and growth. Welcome to amonda, where the beach is just the beginning.
Amonda's name is an anagram of "nomada," Portuguese for "nomad," reflecting our community of free spirits, explorers, and beach lovers seeking work-leisure balance, freedom, and serenity.

Our Purpose

"At Amonda, our purpose is to empower beachside vagabonds, the digital nomads and remote workers who yearn for a coastal life that harmonizes work and play. We exist to provide a community-driven, retro-futuristic haven near the beach, where you can live on your own terms. Our mission is to offer you the freedom to explore seaside destinations, the convenience of modern amenities, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded souls. We're here to help you create a future that's as bright as the sun over the waves, where work is balanced with the joys of beachside living, and the best of technology meets the allure of traditional experiences.

Our Values

Community: At amonda, community isn't just a buzzword; it's a way of life. We believe in fostering connections among our beachside vagabonds, creating lasting friendships that extend beyond our walls. Whether it's through our community events or our dedicated WhatsApp group, we're dedicated to helping you build meaningful connections with like-minded souls on your nomadic journey.
Convenience: Modern amenities for easy living is what we offer at amonda. We understand that the digital nomad life can be fast-paced, so we've designed a hassle-free stay for you. Our self-service convenience store is digitally enabled, ensuring that you can access the essentials and snacks you need anytime, day or night. We're here to make your life on the road as seamless as possible.
Freedom: Freedom takes many forms at amonda. Not only can you explore the neighborhood with our eco-friendly vehicles, but we also encourage you to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle, savoring the joys of slow traveling. The ocean is your backdrop, and we provide experiences that celebrate the freedom to work, play, and discover at your own pace.
Beachside: At amonda, beachside living is more than a location; it's a way of being. Our modern eco-chic interior design mirrors the holistic lifestyle we promote. We offer analog experiences that provide work-life balance and a sense of retro-futuristic living. From sunrise yoga to full moon picnics, we invite you to embrace the serenity and charm of beachside living like never before.
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