Best Coliving Spaces in Portugal

March 26, 2023

Portugal is a beautiful country with a perfect blend of rich culture, history, and natural beauty. As a result, it is an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote workers looking for a new adventure. One of the main reasons why Portugal is such an attractive destination for remote workers is the growing coliving scene.


Coliving spaces provide a unique living and working environment where residents can connect with like-minded people and create a sense of community. They offer a combination of private bedrooms and shared common areas, such as kitchens, lounges, and coworking spaces. This article will explore the best coliving spaces in Portugal, including their location, amenities, community, and pricing.

1. Same Same

Same Same is a coliving space in Lisbon, Portugal's vibrant capital city. It offers a community-focused living and working environment, with weekly events and activities designed to connect residents and foster community. The coliving space has a cozy, homely feel and offers comfortable private bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. Its goal is to foster guests' creativity by providing the adequate environment, very connected with art, culture and sustainability.


One of the highlights of Same Same is Insitu, its bar, restaurant and events venue, where you can find a local and seasonal menu, natural wine and craft beer. It's open to everyone, making it easy to bound with the local community. Often, there are live music concerts, such as, jam sessions or jazz nights by emerging and local artists; open-air cinema and yoga classes.

SameSame´s common area

2. Outsite

Outsite is a coliving and coworking space provider with locations worldwide, including six in Portugal. It offers reliability in its working conditions, great locations and a dedicated community manager that ensures personal support to every guest.


One of the standout features of Outsite in Lisbon is its Cowork Cafe, which offers a relaxed and social working environment. The cafe is designed to be a productive workspace, with high-speed internet, meeting room, phone booth and plenty of power outlets. Additionally, Outsite offers a variety of events and activities, such as yoga classes, surf lessons, and social gatherings.


One downside of Outsite is its pricing, which can be quite expensive compared to other coliving options in Portugal. However, for those who value the convenience and amenities offered by Outsite, the price may be worth it.

Outsite Cowork Cafe

3. Selina

Selina is a popular coliving and coworking space provider with locations worldwide, including several in Portugal. Selina is known for its incredible design and laid-back vibe, with various amenities and services designed to make guests feel at home. Selina offers private and shared bedrooms, shared common areas, coworking spaces, and multiple events and activities.


One of the standout features of Selina is its design, which is inspired by the local culture and environment. Each Selina location has a unique style, with colorful and eclectic decor made by local artists, that creates a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere. Additionally, Selina offers a variety of coworking spaces, including outdoor areas, which are great for those who enjoy working in nature or under the sun.


One downside of Selina is that it can be pretty noisy, especially in the shared common areas. Furthermore, Selina can be also considered as a hostel, originated a busy environment with a lot of travellers coming and going, which can disrupt the work and sleep fro those looking for a more peaceful environment. Additionally, private bedrooms at Selina are expensive compared to other coliving options in Portugal.

Selina Secret Garden in Lisbon

4. Manas Coliving

Manas Coliving is a coliving and coworking space in Sines, the main fishing harbor of Alentejo region, in Portugal's southwest coast. Manas Coliving has less rooms compared with the examples above which origins a lasting and more connected community. The relationship of the owners and guests is much stronger and personal, which leads to a friendly, informal and familiar environment.


One of the standout features of Manas Coliving is its location. Sines is known for its beautiful beaches, year-round surfing spots, and delicious gastronomy. Manas Coliving is just a few minutes walk from the ocean, making it the perfect place for those who love spending time with nature.


Another highlight of Manas Coliving is its high ratings. The coliving space has received rave reviews from guests, who praise its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, and inspiring work environment. In addition, the community at Manas Coliving is tight-knit and supportive, with residents from all over the world.

Balcony at Manas Coliving

5. Sende Portugal

Sende started in a small village with 20 inhabitants, called Senderiz, in Galicia, Spain. In 2021, Edo and Maruchi opened another one in Setúbal, a property immersed in the beautiful forest of Arrábida Natural Park, 20min away from the beach.

Here the sense of community is not like anywhere else. Here you make friends for life, because freedom, tolerance and tranquility sprout from everywhere.

Sende II, in Setubal, is still not finished but open for events. The owners plan to build workspaces up there on the trees and this couldn't sound more perfect.

Another highlight when of this coliving is what you're going to build together. They host  projects that range from finding a way to make a portable shade for computers to solve conflicts between disputed territories. Time at Sende is not just about relaxation; it's about engaging in purposeful endeavors that impact the world.

Prices are affordable and meals are cooked together.

Sende Portugal - Updates on building of Sende 2
Sende II - Portugal

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6. Yon Living

Yon offers a unique twist on coliving, setting itself apart from traditional arrangements where all guests stay under one roof. Instead, Yon provides a diverse array of accommodations, scattering guests across Lisbon in distinct apartments, each with its own character. These residences vary from private havens to shared spaces, providing a choice that suits your preferences. It has approximately 30 distinctive locations, all strategically positioned in Lisbon's most sought-after neighborhoods, like Principe Real.

The apartments boast breathtaking panoramic views of the city, elegantly designed with modern and spacious rooms (Yon Sebastian, for example). Comfortable furniture and inviting common areas make it easy to find the perfect balance between productivity and relaxation. The coworking spaces are ideal for remote work, while the inviting common areas foster a sense of community, making it effortless to connect and socialize with fellow guests.

Live & Work in Central Lisbon | Yon Living
Views from Yon Living

Additionally, every week, they host captivating social gatherings at some of the trendiest bars and restaurants in Lisbon. These events offer the perfect opportunity for the residents to get to know each other and create lasting connections. Yons also have the chance to meet locals who can quickly become friends, adding a vibrant and authentic touch to the Lisbon adventure.

7. Slow Coliving

Slow Coliving offers a tranquil retreat in the countryside of Portugal, providing visitors with a serene environment to relax and be productive. The flexible accommodation options include a 3-bedroom apartment, suitable for group getaways or solo travelers, featuring one double room and two hybrid rooms; and a coworking space. It is located just 40 minutes away from the highest mountain in mainland Portugal, Serra da Estrela, making it an ideal starting point for outdoor adventures.

One of its highlights are the organised activities, like baking homemade bread, where guests have the opportunity to use a community wood-fired oven for pizza-making or to learn the art of baking homemade bread alongside locals. Also, the immediate surroundings of the house offer an ideal setting for cycling enthusiasts or trekking lovers with over 15 scenic routes available.

Slow - Coliving & Coworking - Viseu
Community at Slow Coliving

8. Co Lisbon

Co.Lisbon is a unique and vibrant living space that has transformed an historic building from the 1930s into a modern, communal home in the heart of Lisbon. The building layout is carefully designed to strike the perfect balance between community and privacy. On the ground floor, residents can connect in inviting social areas, whether it's the garden's seating zones or the lounge surrounded by greenery. The "zoo-inspired" coworking space offers a peaceful atmosphere for creative work.

In the quieter upper floors, shared kitchens and balconies provide the ideal setting for friendly gatherings around a table. It offers some unique features including top-tier technology like Gigabit Wifi, keyless digital doors, CCTV vigilance, and app-controlled AC for efficient resource use.

Additionally, it stands out because each resident is treated to a private bathroom, premium hotel-style bed, and an in-room fridge/kitchenette, ensuring a comfortable and personalised living experience.

CO.LISBON - Fully equipped and ready to move in
Co Lisbon

9. Nomadico Ericeira

At Nomadico, the core belief is in connecting people and cultures through transformative experiences. Their goal is to create a more liberated, inspiring, and sustainable world by providing remote destinations and authentic experiences. It achieves this by partnering with local guesthouses, like the Magikvanilla in Ericeira, and fostering a sense of community.

The home features 7 private rooms and 3 bungalows either with private or shared bathroom.

To ensure you stay productive, they provide fiber-optic internet and a shared workspace equipped with everything you need. If you need some private space, desks are available in the rooms upon request.

A really nice feature they have is the cinema room, the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite movie.

Coliving Ericeira For Digital Nomads | Nomadico
Kitchen at Nomadico

10. Amonda

Amonda, a coliving and coworking space is yet to be launched in Peniche, Portugal. This unique space will offer a new concept of intentional living, where residents will be encouraged to live mindfully and create a sense of community. The coliving space will have comfortable bedrooms with private bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, 24/7 kiosk, coworking and creative area, restaurant, pool, bicycles and a full programme of weekly activities.


Additionally, Amonda will provide a strong sense of community, with residents committed to supporting each other and making a positive impact in the world.


Amonda will also offer flexible short and long-stay options, accommodating guests for as little as three days or as long as 100 days. This makes it an ideal choice for travellers seeking flexibility in their plans.

Coworking Space in Portugal | Airbnb Long Stays by Amonda
Outside area at Amonda


Portugal is a fantastic destination for digital nomads and remote workers looking for a new adventure. The country offers a warm climate, beautiful scenery, rich culture, and a growing coliving scene. Portugal has something to offer if you are looking for a vibrant city experience or a laid-back coastal retreat.


When choosing a coliving space in Portugal, it is essential to consider your priorities and preferences. For example, do you prefer a city or a coastal location? Are you looking for a social or more peaceful environment? Do you value wellness activities and intentional living? Answering these questions can help you narrow your options and find the coliving space that is right for you.


The best coliving spaces in Portugal all offer a unique combination of community, comfort, and convenience. If you want a coliving space in Portugal that offers a strong sense of community, intentional living, and stunning natural surroundings, Amonda will be a great choice. With its focus on wellness, community, and short and long-stay options, Amonda is going to be a No. 1 choice for remote workers and digital nomads.



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